The Heidelberg Confession of Faith is one of the creeds thet originated during the Reformation in about 1561. It is used by many Reformed churches worldwide and has been translated into many languages.

The Catechism, in its present form, consists of 129 questions and answers. It is divided into three main parts:

  1. Of the Misery of man.
  2. Of the redemption of man.
  3. Of the gratitude due from man (duties, etc.).

This version has been enhanced for easy electronic use, but it may be printed as well (>110 pages!).  The Bible references have been expanded so that the reader need not page through the Bible to read a referred verse. Hypertext jumps have been added for easy navigation within the document. The document  is downloaded as a pdf file that can be read on PC’s, tablets and smart phones using Adobe Reader or any similar pdf reader.

Click here to download the pdf file:

Heidelberg Confession of Faith with expanded verses 2017-03-21

Also available in Afrikaans:  Click here:

Die Heidelbergse Kategismus met uitgebreide tekste 2017-08-28

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